4 PPV Traffic Sources Enter The Gladiator Arena [Round 1/3]

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What happens when you run the exact same campaign across the top 4 PPV traffic sources? Which will bring in the top ROI?

This is a 3 part series comparing the 4 largest PPV traffic sources. The goal of these tests are not to yield a profit, but to yield accurate results by replicating the exact same campaign across all PPV traffic sources so we can determine what traffic source is most likely to produce the most conversion rates for your next campaign.

We're trying to figure out which PPV source has the highest quality traffic!

The Case Study PART 1/3

Offer = Famville Submit
Payout = $1.40
URL Target(s) =

For the 1st test, I decided to target only 1 URL. This is the most accurate way to compare traffic quality across all PPV traffic sources because we know equal amounts of traffic are coming from the same URL.

The initial goal was to spend the same amount for each traffic source but Adon was absolutely ridiculous and couldn't spend over ~$1/day on URL in the 1st bid spot and MT was only a bit better spending roughly $2/day on

So I had cut those 2 short. TV spent $50 in a matter of hours and LI took 4 days. All bids were position #1 consistently except TV, which was position 2-3 because the traffic came in so fast.

Just to clarify, the 4 traffic sources used were:

  • TrafficVance
  • LeadImpact
  • MediaTraffic
  • Adon

I'm doing an experiment within an experiment and you'll need to tweet this in order to see the results of the 1st case study.

I'll share the results from this tweeting thing in upcoming post (I've just always wanted to see the impact the mandatory tweet can have).

Thanks in advance!


Important Notes

  • Please keep in mind this test had nothing to do with trying to make a positive ROI!
  • I'm using offers with small payouts so the study can attain a decent amount of leads which allows for easier comparing
  • At minimum bids LI / TV traffic came in at 7x the rate of MT/Adon (but I already knew that would be the case with using only 1 URL)

PART 2 Notes

Next time I'll be using a more complex campaign:
- In the Dating niche
- Using a landing page so I'll be able to compare actual profit better and it will add a new variable: CTR
- I'll also be targeting multiple URLs, so traffic on every ppv source will actually get to finish the $50 spend
- I'll be using an offer with a small payout still so we can yield a comparable amount of leads
- A 5th PPV traffic source: will be added into the mix

After all 3 parts (case studies), we'll compare them and choose a winner!

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