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I've been doing research these last couple days for furniture, decor and gadgets to deck out my office with when I return home from travels. Lots of it was pretty cool, so I'm categorizing it all here for you guys to checkout.

Twelve South BookArc Stand |
Travel around with your laptop a lot? This is an awesome stand to keep your laptop on when you're not using it or use as a stand when you connect your laptop to your external monitor which is what I do.

Dry-Erase Wall Board |
Forget white boards. This thing is 10x as cool, and 10x the size. Use your whole wall to brainstorm ideas + it looks awesome too!

BlueLounge's StudioDesk |
This is a sweet desk! It's designed around hiding all your cables and it does it's job well. It works by having a sliding desktop surface (the black part you see) and all your cables hide underneath in a compartment. The wires all peak out through a thin slot near the back of the desk keeping all your wires hidden and your desk uncluttered!

BlueLounge's SpaceStation |
Don't want a whole new desk to organize your wires? Then look into BlueLounge's Spacestation. Simply organizes all your devices/wires in 1 sleek designed stand.

Softwall |
Living with roommates who constantly bother you, or have your office in a common room? Well, get a softwall to increase your productivity. There's nothing more annoying than constant interruptions!

Transparent Post It Notes |
If you're like me and have 400 Post It notes everywhere, then these are the next step up. Transparent Post It notes allow you to write/draw wherever you want and still see what's behind it. Great for drawing landing pages w/ notes, or putting notes directly on the monitor.

Mini Robo Vacuum |
Have crumbs all over your desk? Get the Mini Robo Vacuum to clean them up. Just push the button on the top of his head and he'll eat it all up.

Visomite Posture USB Tool |
If you're worried about your shitty posture and how it's affecting your back, then this will either make you happy or drive you crazy. This device plugs into your USB drive and tells you when you're leaning too far forward. The concept will work, but you might throw it out your window first.

Spink Cup Spilling Preventer |
This awesome thing will prevent you from spilling your coffee on your computer. I'm not a clumsy guy and I've done this twice in my life - both times directly onto my keyboard. So I'm sure it happens quite often. I'm ordering this one asap.

BlueLounge's CableDrop Clips |
I've seen these recently in the Apple store. Super simple clips to organize your chords, and much better than duct tape.

The Doxie Scanner |
The smallest scanner on the market. It's meant to travel around with you so you don't have to take new documents home, you can just scan them right then and there, but this thing will also look great on your desk.

Cable Caps |
This isn't for organizing cables on your desk, but for organizing cables in your drawers! Do you have 37 cables all tangled together in your drawers? No idea which is for which. These cable caps are designed to eliminate this problem.

Here's how they work:

Self Adjusting Chairs |
I'm not going to say these are the ergonomical way of the future because not everyone likes them, but I think they're pretty cool. This chair is the 'Generation' by Knoll and is known as one of the best self-adjusting chairs available for purchase.

What's a self adjusting chair? "It's a chair that senses the user’s weight and movements and the chair’s mechanism moves to support you as you work. This is a good thing because it means that your body maintains a good posture due to the chair moving to support you properly."

iPhone Coasters |
Strictly for aesthetics, these little guys look pretty cool but they'd have to stay off your desk otherwise you're risking clutter, and why I'm doing all this searching in the first place is to eliminate clutter.

I'm going to eventually form my office to look like the image below (replace bed with desk).

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